Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)

WJEC is an examination board which provides qualifications and exam assessments to schools. We offer a variety of Entry Pathways/Level units which provides a framework for students to achieve the learning outcomes regardless of how they are assessed. This examination board has been carefully selected as it provides the following benefits to our students:-

  • recognition is given to the completion of each unit as well as of the qualification as a whole, through the award of credit
  • units can be combined to create programmes of work suited to individual learner needs
  • assessment evidence can to be produced from integrated programmes of work and at appropriate points in the course
    • they promote progression through Entry 1, 2 and 3 and on to Level 1
  • The subject areas available at present are:-
    • Additional English
    • Creative, Media and Performance Arts
    • Healthy Living and Fitness
    • Humanities
    • ICT
    • Independent Living
    • Mathematics
    • Personal and Social Development
    • Personal Progress
    • Preparing for Work
    • Science Today
    • Welsh
    • Welsh Second Language

We also offer WJEC Essential Skills Wales qualifications at 16+ linked to a programme of small group tutorials in basic skills. These are supported by the WEST ) Wales Essential Skills Toolkit) online diagnostic course. Students achieve qualifications in Communication and Application Of Number at Entry Level and Level 1.