Bunsen’s Corner

Bunsen took to the streets of Newtown on carnival day in July to begin to tell the town about the need for a new build for Cedewain. Everyone in school makes the best use of the buildings and the extensive grounds but we do lack facilities to deliver 21st century curriculum to such a wide range of pupils.
Another serious concern is the distance pupils are required to walk or be pushed outdoors between different buildings for different activities. All very fine on a warm summers day but hazardous in cold and bad weather.
Please take every opportunity to raise Bunsens concerns if you meet your local town or county councillor, MP or Welsh Assembly member. Together we need to raise the profile of  Ysgol Cedewain. It is a fantastic school and if we manage to secure a new build just imagine how much better it will be ……….
Join with us to help Bunsen get a new cave!!