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Author: Daniel Evans

Free School Meals update

Nigel Brinn, B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, MCIWM

Corporate Director of Economy & Environment

Cyfarwyddwr Corfforaethol yr Economi a’r Amgylchedd



Cyngor Sir Powys County Council

Y Gwalia / The Gwalia

Llandrindod, Powys



Nina Davies

Head of Housing & Community Development

Pennaeth Tai a Datblygu Cymunedol





Rhieni/gofalwyr   Parents/Carers

Os yn galw gofynnwch am/If calling please ask for:

Enw/Name:   Jason Rawbone  

Ffôn/Tel:   01597 827291         


Eich cyf/Your Ref: 

Ein cyf/Our Ref: eFSM

Dyddiad/Date:  27th March 2020          


Prydau ysgol am ddim


Er mwyn cefnogi ein disgyblion sy’n cael prydau ysgol am ddim; Rydym wedi penderfynu talu’r lwfans i gyfrifon banc rhieni/gofalwyr fel y gallwch brynu bwyd i’ch plant yn uniongyrchol. Mae hyn yn cael ei wneud gyda chymorth ein tîm gwobrau incwm. Lle nad ydym eisoes yn dal gwybodaeth am gyfrif banc, bydd y tîm yn cysylltu â rhieni a gofalwyr ac yn gofyn iddynt lenwi ffurflen ar-lein drwy wefan Powys. Ni fyddwn yn galw ac yn gofyn i chi ddarparu gwybodaeth am eich cyfrif banc dros y ffôn, oni bai nad ydych yn gallu llenwi’r ffurflen ar-lein.


Gyda dosbarthiad daearyddol y disgyblion sy’n cael prydau ysgol am ddim, a’r nifer gymharol fach o ganolfannau gofal plant, nid yw’n ymarferol bosibl gollwng prydau o ddrws i ddrws neu ddisgwyl i bobl deithio pellter i gasglu prydau bwyd. Felly, penderfynwyd darparu’r lwfans fel hyn am y tro.


Ar hyn o bryd, mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn gweithio ar gynllun talebau Cenedlaethol, a fyddai’n galluogi rhieni a gofalwyr i brynu bwyd eu hunain. Pan fydd rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael am y cynllun talebau, bydd Cyngor Sir Powys yn ystyried y dull mwyaf priodol o symud ymlaen.


Free School Meals


In order to support our entitled free school meal pupils; we have decided to pay the allowance into parents/carers bank accounts so that you can purchase food for your children directly. This is being done with the support of our Income & Awards Team. Where we do not already hold bank account information, the team will contact parents and carers and ask them to complete an online form via the Powys website. We will not call and ask you to provide your bank account information over the phone, unless you are not able to complete the form online.


With the geographical spread of free school meal pupils, and the relatively small number of childcare hubs, it is not logistically possible to drop meals door to door or expect people to travel a distance to collect meals. Therefore, it has been decided to provide the allowance in this way for the time being.


The Welsh Government is currently working on a National Voucher Scheme, which would enable parents and carers to purchase food themselves. Once further information is available on the voucher scheme, Powys County Council will consider the most appropriate approach moving forward.


Jason Rawbone

Arweinydd Proffesiynol Arlwyo a Glanhau

Professional Lead Catering and Cleaning

Integrated Autism Service

Why have we developed an Integrated Autism Service?

Because autistic individuals, parents and carers told us they needed more support. They told us they can’t access services because they don’t meet the eligibility criteria. They told us they wanted support with:

  • Behaviour issues
  • Emotional issues such as anxiety and anger
  • Developing social and daily living skills
  • Accessing leisure and recreational activities

We learned that autistic adults and children and their family’s lives are severely affected because they can’t access the correct support, that many can’t leave the house on a daily basis and that parents and carers feel highly stressed.

Jan Jefferies

I am the 14 + and adult’s with learning disabilities  physiotherapist for North Powys. I see children who have physiotherapy needs aged 14 and above. Those children who are already under a paediatric physiotherapist will be handed over to my care as they approach 14 years old and transit into adult services.

I work four days a week and am based in Machynlleth but also spend a proportion of my time at our office in Newtown, at Ynys Y Plant , where it is best to contact me on (01686 61) 7465