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Welsh Baccalaureate

WJEC Welsh Baccalaureate ‘Challenge Certificate’ at Post 16 Foundation Level is offered for some learners in school. This has been in response to a small group of Key Stage 4 pupils working at above ‘Entry Pathway’ Level and identified as benefiting from being offered a higher level and more challenging qualification led curriculum. The course runs over two years. It involves four units including, Enterprise and Employability; Global Citizenship; Community Challenge and Individual Project. The Challenge Certificate is equivalent to a GCSE.



Our Caffi has been fully operational since 2013 and has recently been awarded a Level 4 for food hygiene. The 14-19 department use the Caffi to deliver Catering and Hospitality qualifications, BTEC Home Cooking qualifications and run the Caffi fully on a Friday serving the general public. Learner skills such as communicating with customers, using money, measuring, digital skills and writing are developed through this enterprise and our earnings are used to fund our residential trips each year.


Agored offers a wide range of life skills based curriculum programmes at a wide range of ability levels. These, like ASDAN, are flexible and Awards/Certificates can be built to suit individual learners’ interests and needs. We currently offer a variety of learner voice vocational option units such as Horticulture, Catering and Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Sports Leaders, Construction, Painting and Decorating and Enterprise (to name a few) alongside an Award in Independent Living Skills, PSE and Young Peoples Participation.

Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC)

WJEC is an examination board which provides qualifications and exam assessments to schools. We offer a variety of Entry Pathways/Level units which provides a framework for students to achieve the learning outcomes regardless of how they are assessed. This examination board has been carefully selected as it provides the following benefits to our students:-

  • recognition is given to the completion of each unit as well as of the qualification as a whole, through the award of credit
  • units can be combined to create programmes of work suited to individual learner needs
  • assessment evidence can to be produced from integrated programmes of work and at appropriate points in the course
    • they promote progression through Entry 1, 2 and 3 and on to Level 1
  • The subject areas available at present are:-
    • Additional English
    • Creative, Media and Performance Arts
    • Healthy Living and Fitness
    • Humanities
    • ICT
    • Independent Living
    • Mathematics
    • Personal and Social Development
    • Personal Progress
    • Preparing for Work
    • Science Today
    • Welsh
    • Welsh Second Language

We also offer WJEC Essential Skills Wales qualifications at 16+ linked to a programme of small group tutorials in basic skills. These are supported by the WEST ) Wales Essential Skills Toolkit) online diagnostic course. Students achieve qualifications in Communication and Application Of Number at Entry Level and Level 1.


ASDAN offers a wide choice of activity-based curriculum programmes that can be used with learners working at a range of levels. More flexible than qualifications, these programmes offer imaginative ways of developing, recording and certificating young people’s personal achievements.

We currently offer the Personal Progress Award and Certificate at Entry Level 1, Personal and Social Development Award and Certificate at Entry Level 1 to Level 2, Personal Development Programmes at Bronze and Silver and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness at Level 1 and 2.  More information about these can be found on the following link:-