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Pupil Development Grant

The Pupil Development Grant (PDG) is allocated to schools with pupils who come from low-income families and are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months (LAC).

Schools are expected to make the best use of this funding to implement sustainable strategies that will quickly bring about changes for learners eligible for free school meals or who are LAC.

The purpose of the Education Improvement Grant (EIG) is to improve educational outcomes for all learners and reduced the impact of deprivation on learner outcomes by improving the quality of teaching & learning, addressing learners’ barriers to learning and improving inclusion, improving the leadership of educational settings; and improving the provision for learners and the engagement of learners.

Please find our spending plans below.


Spending plans 2019 / 20


PDG Spending Plan 2018 / 19


PDG Spending Plan 2017 / 18