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Who are ELSA’s?

An ELSA is a specialist teaching assistant who has been trained to work with children who are showing a wide range of emotional or social difficulties for example; anxiety, low self esteem, problems with anger etc.

ELSA’s have been chosen for their ability to build good relationships with children.

What do ELSA’s do?

ELSA’s work closely with teachers to set clear objectives for individual children. The ELSA will then work on these objectives with the child individually or in a small group. Activities which target the needs of the child will be planned by the ELSA’s.

What are the benefits of ELSA?

Children learn better and are happier if their emotional needs are addressed.

They learn to:

  • develop coping strategies and talk about difficulties
  • interact more successfully with others
  • develop greater self-awareness
  • manage school better and feel better about themselves

Pupils with an ELSA feel they have been listened to and supported.