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Welcome to Ysgol Cedewain

Croeso i Ysgol Cedewain!

Our Vision

As a holistic, family based community and values-led school, we underpin our everyday practice with the values of: –

Aspiration, Integrity, Respect and Care.

The values of Ysgol Cedewain are symbolised as a:

A Tree which is the foundation of all that we aspire to be in our relationships, behaviour and school culture, and in helping the children to grow, blossom and reach out

A River which depicts our pupils’ sensory journey through the school and their journey through life in general

A Mountain which stands for our high aspirations, as we expect for each pupil to reach as high as they can and continue to do so through their whole lives.

Our values are a gift we can give the children, developing them and their confidence to constantly move on and upwards onto the next stage of their learning journey.

Our School is a caring family where everyone is treated with dignity, respect, equality and care.

Our vision is to develop a highly effective cohesive, family and community-based learning environment focused on each individual pupil/student.

To achieve our vision our aims are:

  • Create a happy, safe and secure individualised, learning environment where all pupils’/students’ needs are met. Where the progress, achievements and success of each individual are recognised and praised.
  • Promote the pupils’/students’ spiritual, physical and emotional well-being so that they feel and are secure, confident and well-motivated learners.
  • Help each individual pupil/student to acquire the knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence, to enable them to lead as full, interesting and independent lives as possible.
  • Develop pupils’/students’ personal responsibility and encouraging decision making and choice, through whatever appropriate communication means.
  • Provide a wide range of focused, personalised and appropriate learning experiences, which are engaging, exciting and challenging.
  • Provide pupils/students with a wide range of experiences of their own and other religious and cultural backgrounds and values.
  • Listen and respect pupil voice and their contributions and ensure their voice is heard in the running of the school.
  • Offer opportunities of working co-operatively alongside others, developing friendships and respect for others. This will include work experience for those for whom it is appropriate and community-based projects for other pupils/students.
  • Foster positive relationships with parents and other professionals to ensure a united stakeholder body.
  • Ensure that all the statutory curriculum guidance is delivered to all pupils/students.
  • Provide all staff with training and development opportunities to enable effective, high quality practice.