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School Session Times and Term Dates


Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Term 2021
Thursday 2nd September to Friday 22nd October
Half Term – Monday 25th October to Friday 29 October
Monday 1st November to Wednesday 22nd December

Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2022
Wednesday 5th January to Friday 18th February
Half Term – Monday 21st February to Friday 25 February
Monday 28th February to Thursday 7th April

Summer Term 2022

Summer Term 2022
Tuesday 26th April to Friday 27th May
Half Term – Monday 30th to Friday 3rd June
Monday 6th June to Thursday 14th July

Non-Pupil Days 21/22*

  • Wednesday 1st September 2021
  • Tuesday 4th January 2022
  • Friday 8th April 2022
  • Monday 25th April 2022
  • Monday 27th June 2022
  • Friday 15th July 2022

* Although Powys identifies non-pupil for all its schools, schools are able to vary these on a catchment basis.

It is therefore recommended that in addition to consulting the Authority’s school calendar, you also check the school calendar published by your local school as this will include any local variations.

Useful Dates 20/21

  • Good Friday: 15 April 2022
  • Easter Monday: 18 April 2022
  • May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd 2022
  • Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 30 may 2022
  • Spring Bank Holiday: Thursday 2 June 2022
  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Friday 3 June 2022
  • Royal Welsh Show: 18 July to Thursday 21 July 2022

Next years 2022/2023 Timetable may be found on the link below

2022 – 2023 Timetable

This calendar is subject to any changes that may arise as a result of Welsh Government policy decisions.

Powys county council does not accept liability for any losses incurred in respect of altered holiday arrangements following such changes.